Agency: Carat


In their never ending rivalry with Volkswagen, Opel occupied the world‘s largest Volkswagen event, where 170.000 fanatical fans were celebrating their brand. And their antipathy against Opel.

We thought it was time for a change of mind and to make a self confident statement in front of the worlds press. So the idea was born: Weeks before the convention we systematically spread an unbelievable rumour throughout Volkswagen communities: Opel is training pigeons to poop exclusively on Volkswagen cars at the annual VW convention.



  • Increase awareness of Opel as a brave, powerful and relevant brand
  • Generate word of mouth for the brand
  • Increase brand consideration
  • Boost sales

Insight: Utilize the traditional rivalry with the main competitor as a springboard to generate a Social-Media-Hype about the brand



  • Fake videos – circulated online and in social media channels
  • to trigger media coverage


  • 3,9 Million Contacts
  • 95 % positive ratings on YouTube
  • Sold cars:
    before the Campaign: April 2014 -36% vs. April 2013
    shortly after the Campaign:
    Mai 2014 +28% vs. Mai 2013
    June 2014 +60% vs. June 2013
  • Media Award Gold, Effie Award Gold, Effie Award Platin

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