SEO bootcamp: How to make your website more visible

“What is the best place to hide a dead body? – The second page of Google”
There is actually a lot of truth in this joke. Websites that are not listed on the first search engine results page (SERP) will have hard times to survive – and so will most likely their owners.

In this bootcamp we will show you the practical SEO techniques ensuring that users can easily find your website. Together we will explore how to optimize your website html structure, identify the best keywords for your content and understand the impact of backlinks fitting your website strategy.

During this workshop we will give you a lot of hands-on tips which you can implement on your website and will recommend effective free tools which you can continue to use in the future.

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Start: 17.11.2017, 09:30

End: 17.11.2017, 13:30

Cost: 150€ p.p./ 4h workshop


Venue: dentsu aegis office // Trabrennstraße 2A // 1020 Wien