What we do...

We create: connections with added value

We connect. People with brands. Brands with media. Media with people. For our clients' success.


Dentsu as a Hub for Communication

Our team at Dentsu Austria connects people, brands and media through our full-service-offer with a clear aim: to create the ideal relationship between media and brands in a complex world.

Marketing and communication strategies, integrated planning and buying, digital creation and mobile solutions. Performance Marketing, Programmatic Buying, Content Marketing as well as qualitative and quantitative research. With this package we deliver effective solutions for media and digital communication.

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    We count on Bought, Owned, Shared & Earned Media and thereby create interconnected media-ecosystems, all aimed at business growth for our clients.

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    We develop, optimize and measure campaigns with a strong digital focus – increasingly optimized in real time, digitally controlled and analyzed media campaigns.

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    We create analog and digital experiences that inspire consumers and bring them closer to the brands.

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    We create innovative and scalable technology solutions, from CRM up to mobile ticketing solutions.

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    With our own programmatic agency Amnet we transform big data into smart data with data-supported planning and data-driven buying.


Business Intelligence

  • 17 Million data records.
  • 50 advertising touchpoints.
  • Single-source and comprehensive.


Consumer Connection Study

Our Consumer Connection Study (CCS) is the biggest and most comprehensive single-source-study that connects people, brands and media. Six years ago we launched our CCS into the Austrian market.

Within the global Dentsu Aegis Network, CCS was established 25 years ago. In the meantime it has become available in 50 markets that represent over 90 per cent of worldwide advertising expenditure.

There are a lot of marketing and media studies. But CCS is the only one that answers 99 per cent of all questions regarding people, brands and media directly and from one common source. From “Who are the most precious customers, what do they wish for and what values count in their lives?” to “How can the target group be influenced by advertising?” and “How do my customers use smartphones and social media?” etc.

With more than 17 million data records CCS analyses the Austrian market, illustrates 50 advertising touchpoints and allows campaign planning aimed at advertising effectiveness. The results lead to directly convertible measures for greater success. CCS can integrate all customer-specific questions, from company-owned customer-typologies up to strategic questions (product development etc.).

For more information, please contact Rainer Tschernitschek! rainer.tschernitschek@dentsuaegis.com



Recognizing trends. Developing solutions. Setting standards. Our constant drive for innovations.


a milestone in display marketing

iQuality sets new standards for advertising on the web. For the first time quality is guaranteed. Digital ads are displayed to the right audience in the right environment and they are displayed long enough to get the consumer’s attention. Guaranteed!

  • a new market standard is set with iQuality
  • at least 75 per cent of the ad is visible on the customer’s display for at least 2 seconds – twice as long as the usual market standard in Austria
  • the delivery of the ad in real time to more than 55 per cent of the target group ensures a wide reach
  • an exclusive database as a result of the Consumer Connection Study (CCS), our single-source-study, enabling us to reach the right target audience
  • and all that guaranteed by our experts

For details, please ask Herbert Pratter! herbert.pratter@dentsuaegis.com


accurately bringing together audience and content on Facebook

Motley directly accesses the global Facebook-database, without limits. More than 1.3 billion users leave countless snippets of data about interests, preferences, motives and so on. Motley allows us to anonymously analyze and connect them, then link them with campaigns. In other words: Motley knows the target group’s lives better than any other social media tool.

  • for the first time we have access to Facebook’s complete interest graph, which means unlimited access to target group insights concerning issues, brand preferences, life situation, demographics etc., as well as detailed knowledge of the users’ engagement level measured in Facebook-interactions (such as likes, shares and posts)
  • the building of a database for the preparation of user profiles of your audience, broken down in up to six levels. Only Facebook itself knows its users better
  • the opportunity of catching the audience’s attention in terms of products and issues due to detailed knowledge and thereby creating a bond with the brand
  • the chance of delivering tailored content automatically and of constantly tracking interests

For more information, please contact Sebastian Rosinus! sebastian.rosinus@iprospect.com

screen plus

calculation of combined net reach

the only tool in Austria that actually calculates the combined net reach of moving pictures (TV, online, mobile), based on CCS, instead of rough estimation

  • screen plus maximizes the accumulated net reach of both moving images and online/mobile media, regardless of format
  • it defines the ideal budget distribution between different forms of media


Moreover, we own similar tools for other forms of media – such as for radio (VHF – webradio): spot plus. For the combination of print and online ads: page plus. And for outdoor advertising, both posters and digital screens, we have poster plus.


For details, please ask Rainer Tschernitschek! rainer.tschernitschek@dentsuaegis.com


Dentsu Digital Academy

Digital Marketing. Trends and insights. Innovations. New implementation ideas. For everyone.

In spring 2016 we opened our Digital Academy for clients and interested parties, to teach the essential building blocks of digital marketing in a hands-on way.

We offer training sessions in 9 modules regarding digital strategy, mobile, search, social media, real-time bidding etc. in a small, exclusive group setting. Our Dentsu-experts share their insights into the latest trends and applications, and present examples of successful and less fruitful case studies. The participants complete the program with the award of a Dentsu Digital Certificate.

For further information, please contact Daniela Sereinig.

9 modules

Online media planning

Nothing happens without knowledge of unique clients, TKP, CPC, net range, gross coverage etc.

How advertising miracles work

Wallpaper, sticky ads, banners, interstitials, video, social media, and how they are used.

Real-time advertising

The same ads for everyone is yesterday's news – custom-made and individually-focused advertising is both the present and the future.


You can reach anyone anytime via mobile devices, through advertising. Options of mobile media planning and revenues of the mobile advertising market.

Go viral – social media

Chances of higher conversion rates and the threat of shitstorms on Facebook, Twitter and other platforms.

Big data, (multiscreen-) targeting and data protection

Millions of data records allow exact knowledge of your audience and campaign planning aimed at advertising impact.

How to advertise on search engines (SEA)

keyword-strategy and research, clustering and creation, conversion rate optimization.

Website-positioning on Google & Co. (SEO)

launch and re-launch support, technical optimization, link building.

Best practice, Do's and Dont's

strategy and planning of successful case studies and what mistakes should be avoided.